Sunday, February 26, 2012

Looking forward to meeting you

Dear Students,
How was your holiday? Did you enjoy Carnival? Did you see the Samba schools? I thought unidos da Ticuca was fabulous, but I was so sad Mangueira was in the 7th position. I thought that was unfair. I was in Mangueira twice, so it is the school of my heart. And what about that confusion in São Paulo? Horrible, right?
What about you English? Did you have a chance to practice it over the holiday? Maybe you read a book or saw a movie? Did you remember to do some workbook exercises?
I'll see you tomorrow! Sleep tight and don't let the bad bugs bite!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have you ever..?

On Monday we continued working on the Present Perfect Tense and we practiced asking,
"Have you ever ...?" questions.
We use this type of question when we want to know if someone has ever done something at least once in life. So, I'd like you to answer these questions:
Have you ever eaten horse meat?
Have you ever been on television?
Have you ever gotten a very strange gift?
If your answer is affirmative, please tell us about your experience. When was that? Where? Why?

Don't forget to do your workbook exercises! See you tomorrow!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 14 th is a very special day in the USA. It's a time to celebrate our love for everyone, not just our boyfriend or girlfriend. Friends exchange cards and small gifts to celebrate their love and friendship.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Working on the Present Perfect

Last class we did some exercises from pages 51 and 52. Now everyone should be confident about the use of the prepositions FOR and SINCE. Check the examples:
- I have known my Top 3 Flex students for three weeks. (Period of time)
- We have been in class for one hour.(Period of time)
- We have been in class since 6:45 PM. (the moment, hour, day, month the "action" started.)

We use present perfect in various situations, one of which is to TALK ABOUT EVENTS THAT STARTED IN THE PAST AND ARE STILL GOING ON:
- Edson has lived in Brasilia since 1990. He has lived here for 12 years.
- Sheila has been a student in Thomas Jefferson for three weeks. She is new at school.

- Emerson has written a comment in our blog. Have you read it?
- Adriana has chosen a book for the speech class.

Emerson has suggested that we visit a great blog for English language learners.
check it:
I liked it!!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Don't forget to do the extra exercise and the workbook!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unit 7 - FAME

In the last two classes, we talked about some famous people and discussed the use of the Past Simple and the Present Perfect tenses.
Some students were surprised to learn that we use the Present Perfect Tense to talk about repeated actions in the past.Check some examples:
- I have watched Gone With The Wind five times.
- Mary has been to Rio de Janeiro three times. She was there in 2007, 2009 and 2010.
- They have driven from San Diego to Los Angeles several times.
Of course, there are other situations in which the Present Perfect Tense is used. Do the extra exercise you received last class and the workbook exercises to learn more about it!

Welcome to our blog!

Dear Students,
Welcome to our blog! Here you'll find important information about our course and the activities we develop. It's our space, so feel free to participate with comments, texts, videos, etc. If you miss a class, just check the blog and you'll know what's going on. Let's work hard and learn a lot! You are a great class and I am so happy to be your teacher.