Monday, June 4, 2012

Speech Class

Last class was a special day for students to share the books and articles they had read. Everyone was excited about the activity and they all did a great job. To wrap up the class, Emerson went to the center of the class to tell the group about the wonderful book he had read:
Congratulations to everyone!

Special congrats to Emerson, who was brave enough to stand up and share the story with the whole group!


  1. Hi Marta!

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity. :-)
    Take care!

  2. Dear Marta,

    I loved the last class about phrasal verbs. It was very dynamics and we had an opportunity to know about these famous collocations. Could you send me the slides showed in the last class? Thank you so much!


  3. Thanks for the feedback.I am glad you enjoyed the class, Emerson. I have just posted the link to the presention. Keep on studying!