Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Discoveries x Inventions

Last class we talked about discoveries and inventions. Everyone agreed that the internet is one of the very best inventions in all times. We worked on two brief readings about the discovery of DNA and the invention of Google. The discussion will go on next class.


  1. Sorry teacher! I can't see your class yesterday. My son is sick. We went to hospital this morning. Doctor sad that he has pneumonia. We are at home now, but we will be looking after him next days. See you on next Monday! If you leave more "presents" for class, let me know, and send them to my mail, please.
    Take Care

  2. Dear Emerson,
    I hope your little boy is doing better.
    Last class we wrapped up the discussion about DNA with an activity based on a video segment of the movie 300. There was an exercise about the passive voice which was based on sentences taken from the movie. I'll give it to you next class.
    Enjoy Mother's day with your family!